The Ministry of Health is studying the lifting of isolation for adults

 MOH is investigating lifting lockdowns for adults

Cancellation of isolation of children in the education system — not the latest step in a series of easing of restrictions in Israel. Public health sources confirmed to Maariv that lifting mandatory isolation for the adult population is also being considered, except, of course, for those who have a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus infection.

“In terms of infection , there is no longer a difference between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people”, — said a health ministry source.

“The vaccine prevents serious diseases and this should be repeated over and over again, but in the current situation, when the disease is already present in all segments of the population and in all age groups, the idea of ​​lifting the isolation already understood.

The initiative to lift the lockdown for adults is the result – it's nothing new. In the UK, for example, it has been announced that all restrictions will be lifted from next week, except also in cases where infection is confirmed.

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