The minibus flew into the crowd: a creepy video from the scene of an emergency

Маршрутка влетела в толпу людей: жуткое видео с места ЧП

The Dnieper was rocked by a massive tragedy, as the bus driver decided not to brake for the Zebra

This is reported by local media.

“According to preliminary information, the bus moved down the street towards the outskirts of the city. Witnesses say two women were crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. The driver did not have time to react and ran over the people”, — stated in the message.

Journalists also spoke about the condition of the victims.

Маршрутка влетела в толпу людей: жуткое видео с места ЧП

“Both victims were hospitalized with serious injuries. On the road lay a set of teeth. The details of the incident will be found out by militiamen. Expected arrival is investigative-task force. The movement is not hampered”, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, a young family with a baby were victims of a terrible accident. It is noted that the fatal incident occurred on February 18.

Under the wheels of the car were a family with a small child. It is reported that the culprit of the terrible accident in the confusion managed to escape from the scene.

It is known that the accident occurred in Vladivostok near the house №12 on the street 40 years VLKSM. What exactly was the cause of the accident is still unknown, but the accident was hit on a traffic camera.

The car ahead of the passing stream, not lost control and flew onto the sidewalk, past the flower bed with trees and knocking unsuspecting people. Blow at collision was so strong that the man with the child was thrown to the side, and the woman car dragged several meters along the asphalt.

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People, who witnessed the accident, immediately threw to help the victims. The culprit tried to stop, but in the confusion he managed to escape.

According to available information, 36-year-old head of the family received multiple injuries and is now in intensive care. Woman in 1985, with a two-year toddler was taken to hospital, but unfortunately could not be saved.

Маршрутка влетела в толпу людей: жуткое видео с места ЧП

Recall that in the case Zaitseva came the moment everyone was waiting for.

As reported Politeka, Zaitseva triumphs, everything has changed dramatically, no more claims.

Also Politeka wrote that Lexus staged a terrible accident on the Zebra crossing near Kharkiv, Zaitseva not taught.

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