The military tested the first guided bomb: “baby” surpassed the legendary rocket

Военные испытали первую управляемую авиабомбу: "малютка" превзошла легендарные ракеты

The military experienced a miniature plan of the bomb GBU-69/B SGM, the purpose of which can be changed during flight

Bomb GBU-69/B SGM is developed by 2016 and refers to the type of miniature, according to Hyser.

The length of the bomb is 1.06 m diameter and 11.4 m. When a munition dropped from a bomber, it opens a wing span of 71 cm This allows the charge to plan at the distance of 37 km and a weight of 27 kg.

Военные испытали первую управляемую авиабомбу: "малютка" превзошла легендарные ракеты

For the tests the military dropped a bomb from an airplane, and then changed the goal — according to new data, the munitions would fall to standing on the range SUV. Thus, the us military tested how effective the system of data exchange with the charge and how quickly GBU-69/B SGM responds to new commands.

Exercises found to be successful. Until the end of 2019 will be held the second phase of testing charge — this time the ammunition will drop from a UAV. Earlier in the Ukraine after testing has launched the serial production of the shells to the guns “Hyacinth”

From now on, Ukraine will produce its own shells calibre 152 mm. Test the shells, which lasted six months, successfully completed. They are made at Kyiv plant named after Artem. Now the government there will take up their production on an industrial scale.

These shells of 152 mm caliber intended for domestic guns “Giatsint-B”, which is shown on Khreschatyk street during the parade. The weapon is not self propelled, but it is one of the long-range guns, are in service with Ukrainian army — a range which is 40 km away.

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Военные испытали первую управляемую авиабомбу: "малютка" превзошла легендарные ракеты

Shell, which will produce now on Artem — high explosive, designed to destroy manpower and artillery. It should be noted that the use of such calibers in the war under the ban of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian army does not use. But when you go on the offensive to clear the Donbas from the occupation forces.

Recall almost exploded: in Kiev, found a shell, people are scared

As reported Politeka, the explosion occurred under the Kremlin: exploded the bomb, all the details

Politeka also wrote that the bomb found in the center of Kharkov: “the bomb threat”

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