The military stopped the training flights of the F-35 due to faulty catapults

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 Military stopped F-35 training flights due to faulty catapults< /p>

On Saturday, the Israeli Air Force was forced to stop training flights of F-35 fighters after it became known that the United States had discovered a problem with the ejection seats of stealth aircraft.

Air Force Commander Tomer Bahr assessed the matter on Saturday evening and decided to conduct an assessment of the entire fleet of 33 aircraft over the next few days.

" Tomer Bahr emphasized that inspections must be carried out strictly and carefully in order to return the fleet to full operational capacity while maintaining high safety standards, & quot;, — The IDF said in a statement.

F-35 combat activity is expected to continue after evaluation. The IDF said all sorties will be personally approved by Bar on a case-by-case basis.
< br /> F-35 fifth generation was marked by the military as a “tipping point” not only for its offensive and stealth capabilities, but also for its ability to link its systems with other aircraft and form an information-sharing network.

Israel has agreed to purchase at least 50 F-35 fighter jets from US defense contractor Lockheed Martin .At the moment, 33 aircraft have been delivered, and the rest are planned to be delivered in batches until 2024.

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