The military kidnapped and killed in the capital: “no money for ransom”

Военных похитили и убили в столице: «не было денег для выкупа»

The kidnappers demanded a ransom, however, after relatives failed to collect the necessary sum, the hostages were killed

Both the military he served in the General Directorate of military counterintelligence, they were 22 years old.

A terrible thing happened in Venezuela. According to local media reports, soldiers were kidnapped in the area of El Valle in Caracas.

At the time of the abduction, the military were driving in civilian cars one of the criminal areas of the city.

Subsequently, an anonymous call to the kidnappers reported the exact spot where he was killed kidnapped.

Военных похитили и убили в столице: «не было денег для выкупа»

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the year in Caracas the victims of criminals were seven policemen and soldiers.

The country occupies second place in the list of the most dangerous places in the world. For every 100 thousand inhabitants of Venezuela have an average of 111 murders.

One reason for the high criminal activity in the country is time consuming and stremitelnoe crisis. In 2018, the inflation rate exceeded 1.7 million percent. Emigrated from the country more than 3 million people.

In the financial and social problems of the country accusing former President Nicolas Maduro, who on 15 January, the opposition Congress of Venezuela was officially declared a usurper. Now Maduro is considered null and void.

On 23 January, protesters took to a rally demanding to overthrow the dictator Maduro. After that, the leader of the opposition Huang Guido declared himself interim President of the country, he was officially recognized a number of the edge of the world, in particular, on 4 February that Ukraine has made.

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Военных похитили и убили в столице: «не было денег для выкупа»

While Russia continues to support Maduro. Moreover, the dictatorial regime of Venezuela’s armed with Russian weapons, and all of the supporters of ousted President Nicolas Maduro marched in the RF training. Such “success” boasted Maduro himself, in an interview with Russian news Agency.

“President Vladimir Putin we always render assistance of Russia in every sense, and we accept it with gratitude”, — the dictator noted.

We will remind, in the capital of Venezuela was a military coup.

As reported Politeka, the Venezuelan government revealed the details of the assassination attempt on Maduro.

Also Politeka wrote that he was preparing the reform of the Constitution of Venezuela.

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