The militants staged the ad in the Donbas and got the teeth: the parts of the success of the APU

Боевики устроили ад на Донбассе и получили по зубам: детали успеха ВСУ

The Russian occupation troops continue to violate ceasefire, firing from the banned weapons positions, where there are forces OOS

This is stated in the traditional summary, which was released by the press center of the headquarters of the force EP.

It is reported that yesterday Russian troops 12 times opened fire on our positions, 8 of which prohibited heavy weapons.

Боевики устроили ад на Донбассе и получили по зубам: детали успеха ВСУ

The staff note that the enemy used mortars 82mm and 120mm for fire Gotovogo. Machine guns, small arms and heavy mortars terrorists fired at Pisky, which is also the strength of environmental protection. In Pavlopol occupation troops used heavy machine guns, 82mm mortars and mounted grenade launchers.

According to the Crimean and Novotoshkivske occupants also opened fire from mortars of 82mm caliber, and on the Farm Free terrorists fired from different launchers, machine guns and small arms.

Forces OOS to suppress the enemy was forced to open fire. It is also known that during the day the shelling was wounded our soldier.

According to the intelligence, yesterday was eliminated by one occupier and another was injured. The staff noted that the forces of environmental protection continue to monitor the situation along the contact line.

Боевики устроили ад на Донбассе и получили по зубам: детали успеха ВСУ

Previously, we reported that Russia is preparing a quick grab of Ukraine. Currently, the Ukrainian economy is not ready for the full of the attack from Russia. So says the expert Dmitri Mendeleev.

In his article, the author suggested that Russia plans to quickly seize the Ukraine, after a large-scale offensive involving land, air, sea, and airborne troops. Probably the Kremlin is planning to break into the country and gain a foothold at the turn of the Dnieper river.

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Recall that the militants perpetrated a grenade attack on the Donbass: a soldier was wounded.

As reported Politeka, there were details of the murder of a soldier in the Donbas APU.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants seized a big city.

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