The militants showed fake about blasting “Ural” APU. Video

Боевики показали фейк о подрыве «Урала» ВСУ. Видео

The militants posted a video blasting the “Ukrainian Ural” in the Donbass.

Militants puzzled new fake about blasting “Ural”, allegedly belonging to the Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass.

The corresponding video published blogger Necro Mancer on Twitter, reports the online edition of the with reference to

“Presumably, the arrival of anti-tank in the truck APU, date and place unknown,” — said in the caption to frames.

At Sheremetyevo airport, the employee threw the signal cone on the wing of the aircraft. Video

“Chet quickly a stretcher was for the removal of the wounded, the impression that they are somewhere behind the scenes was lying on purpose…”, “is it because the burning ammunition?”, “Too well off for water Carter,” he questioned the authenticity of the frames users.

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