The militants “LNR” intend to mine gold in the Donbass: social networks laugh

The network has ridiculed the statement of the leader of the militants of the so-called Luhansk people’s Republic (“LPR”) Igor Plotnitsky about the plans to mine gold in the Donbas.

Write about the Twitter users.

“I will try to do so in 2018, opened our, shall we say, a gold mine. Let’s try to get our gold, which is on the territory of our Republic,” — said Carpenter.

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However, he acknowledged that gold mining will not be “extremely profitable”.

“In the “LC” has decided to mine gold. However, it is soft, brown and smells bad, but lanerossi Zolotarev’s not scary”, “Laughing out loud”, “to Mine gold? THE “LC”? On apartments?”, “Will be plenty of cocks sculpting”, “Copper was already mined the whole”, — commented on the statement by Carpenter in the Internet.

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