The militants “LDNR” laugh icon with Putin

Боевики «ЛДНР» насмешили иконой с Путиным

Insanity continues to grow stronger.

The “LDNR” we are not surprised, it would seem, new reason simply don’t exist, it is impossible to think of, and it turned out that no, it is still possible. Seen in order to protect themselves from different elements, and to expel the remnants of the “bad spirit” invaders forced prays to the icon with Putin, reports the with reference to

The network has already actively made fun of this new kind of absurdity from the so-called “liberators of Donbass”.

Recently, Putin, who is probably the most famous President of the Russian Federation is depicted in stone in the form of a bust, which established in St. Petersburg. Apparently the Russians felt that the “king” of this magnitude is too small, so I decided to create an icon with Putin.

In the hope of the salvation of his soul and body out of the hopeless hell “LDNR” one of the residents of the occupied Alchevsk created this miracle.

The corresponding information was published on his page in Twitter Denis Kazan.

“Putin has one halo left did not deploy,” commented one of the Internet users. “Bad case,” added the second. “S ditinstva for MCK mouse” — ironically the third.

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