The mentor of Shakhtar Fonseca gave a press conference in a Zorro costume

Head coach of Donetsk “Shakhtar” Paulo Fonseca, as promised, dressed in a Zorro costume on the occasion of his team in the playoffs of the Champions League.

Наставник "Шахтаря" Фонсека дав прес-конференцію в костюмі Зорро

We will remind that after a victory over Feyenoord in Kharkiv in the fourth round of Champions League the Portuguese coach said he will wear the costume of “hero mask”, if his team progress to the 1/8 finals of the tournament, reports Rus.Media. To perform this task failed in the final match, beating man city.

Press conference head coach of “Shakhtar” Paulo Fonseca after the victory over Manchester city

– Good evening. You want to speak into the mask or without it? Well. If anyone knows, responsible for the fact that I am now dressed, is in the hall… the most exciting press conference in my life: laugh and smile! It was almost a perfect match. To win the “city” is not easy, but we organized safely and defensively, efficiently going on the attack.

Наставник "Шахтаря" Фонсека дав прес-конференцію в костюмі Зорро

– RJ, what are you willing to do if the Pitmen will play in the final?

– You are asking this question… Now we need to think about the match with Zorya.

– Anyone you don’t want to meet in the playoffs of the Champions League?

– Until she thought about it. We need to enjoy the moment and brilliant victory. I think the fans of Shakhtar, but the Ukrainians should be proud of the triumph of the Ukrainian team.

– Of course, now the happiest Zorro on earth – you. And in whose execution he like you more: Alain Delon or Antonio Banderas?

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– Difficult to answer. Both! But now, more like Zorro Paulo Fonseca.

– Guardiola said that he knows how to play against Shakhtar. Than you could surprise him?

– First of all it was important to deprive the city of certain areas where the opponent was most virulent. We did it. The British did not create great acuteness that the most important thing.

– “My teams” acted on an unusual scheme with three Central defenders. You consider this pre-game setup?

In recent manchesterze not so often played with such arrangement. We tried to explore the city, to prepare for different tactical schemes, and we succeeded.

Наставник "Шахтаря" Фонсека дав прес-конференцію в костюмі Зорро

Is the best press conference I’ve ever been to. What happened in the locker room after the game? The players have already seen you in the suit?

– No, I got dressed here. Guys, in a way I have not seen, but wanted. I think this joke will exist for a long time.

– It seemed that in the beginning of the match backing the referee was holding a placard with the numbers 7 and 74, after which Tyson ran very fast. You going to change it?

– In one of the episodes Tyson after the sprint complained of a sharp pain. Of course, we tried to quickly prepare a replacement. When he signaled that it may continue, it is not spent.

– After the game, you exchanged a few words with Josep Guardiola. What he was talking about?

– This is a private conversation, of course, I won’t tell you anything.

– Comment on the replacement Marlos. All of them in order?

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– Yes, we just saw that he was tired.

– Thank you for the victory and the current Shakhtar. Will exit in the playoffs of the Champions League in the winter transfer plans of the club?

This is regarding the transfer window is discussed for a long time, and reaching the 1/8 finals will not affect him. In closing, I want to dedicate this victory to our President – a man who believes in the team and is always with us, and all the fans who came to the stadium and created a fantastic atmosphere. I think not only the fans of Shakhtar, but the Ukrainians are all rooting for us. They can be proud of the performance of the Ukrainian club and the spectacle that can be created in our arenas.

Наставник "Шахтаря" Фонсека дав прес-конференцію в костюмі Зорро

We add that the match “Shakhtar” – “Manchester city” ended with the score 2:1 in favour of the Pitmen. Goals Bernard and ismaily British club only answered with exact blow of Sergio Aguero.

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