The mayor of Elada, who distributed cigarettes to children: without prizes, no one would have come

News » Life Style Elad mayor handing out cigarettes to children: no one would have come without prizes

On March 8, Elad Mayor Israel Porush commented on a video in which he was captured last night distributing cigarettes to minors aged 13-15 on Purim.

All boys are exemplary. Therefore, the municipality receives hundreds of boys who, instead of getting drunk, go to a youth party. I went there, some boys asked for cigarettes, I opened the pack and handed out cigarettes,” Porush said in an interview with KAN Bet. “A few teenagers got cigarettes, so now the whole country is shaking?”.

“That's right, the law prohibits the sale of cigarettes (to minors),” the mayor continued in an interview. “The law prohibits drugs, the law prohibits vandalism, the law prohibits drunk driving. There may have been a few boys under the age of 18 there. I feel very good about what was there".

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