The Mayan calendar is decoded incorrectly, called the new date of the Apocalypse

The result was named the new date of the Apocalypse.

Календар Майя розшифрований неправильно, названа нова дата Апокаліпсису

In mass media there was information according to which the Mayan calendar was deciphered by scientists is wrong, reports Rus.Media. The result was named the new date of the Apocalypse.

In 2012, all inhabitants of the planet was terrified of the end of the world, which, according to the Mayan calendar, was supposed to happen on December 21. Having survived this day without any changes, experts drew a parallel between 2012 and 2017. Among specialists, there were those who finds the date of the Apocalypse 21 December 2017. Two years ago, supporters of conspiracy theories from around the world said that this year, earthlings will see the planet Nibiru. On the eve of NASA has found such a cosmic body, than to have seriously disturbed the public.

Also the end of the world expected and on 19 November this year, although nothing happened. The initiator of this prediction claims that the Apocalypse was all the same, just people don’t notice. According to some projections, our world will fall in 2021, 2029 or in 2036.

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