The mathematician figured out what the next Adele album would be called

The mathematician figured out the name of Adele's next album

The mathematician Anthony Bonato used a number sequence to calculate the name of the next album of the popular singer Adele.

According to the Mirror, all albums of the artist reflect her age at that moment when she wrote them.

The first were 19, 21, 25, the last & ndash; 30. Mathematicians began to puzzle over what the next album will be like. Bonato also hooked up to the puzzle.

“Mathematicians love sequences, and they appear all over the place. Sequences are simply numbers listed in a given order. The simplest sequence that we learn in childhood is counting the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on & quot ;, & ndash; Bonato noted.

He calculated that Adele's next album would be 31 in terms of mathematical sequence.

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