The Masterchef judge told how to distinguish the real from the artificial caviar

Судья  МастерШеф  рассказал, как отличить настоящую икру от искусственной

The judge “Masterchef” told how to distinguish the real from the artificial eggs [photos]
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Vladimir Yaroslavl shared the secrets of product selection on several grounds.

The judge of the cooking show “Mastershef” Vladimir Yaroslavskiy before the New year I decided to share with followers the secrets of choosing the calves, namely “how to distinguish the real from the artificial.”

So caviar! How to distinguish the real from the artificial? There are 2 kinds of “human-generated”: protein from fish oil, gelatin, milk and soy products, and alginate from agar-agar and alginate ( substance from brown algae) with dry fish soup for a taste – he wrote in


Yaroslavsky noted that artificial caviar is legal and not harmful product, but only when its not officially called the “real caviar”. Vladimir assures that in this case it can be considered outright fraud.

To recognize a fake can be on several grounds:

  • Smell. In artificial caviar it is quite sudden, “herring”, while the natural product is gentle and pleasant
  • The shape and size. Artificial eggs – all the same shape and the same size. In nature, this simply does not happen: natural eggs are always slightly different in shape and size
  • Taste. Simulated caviar is always more salty and sharper she might even “chemical” taste – thanks to the use of prepared artificial flavourings and taste additives
  • Consistency. Natural eggs have a hard shell and liquid contents. When you bite, the shell breaks and the contents sprayed in the mouth. The artificial “egg” when pressed, crushed and often stick to teeth. Sometimes liquid inside a simulated eggs there – and they are a uniform consistency.
  • Color. The natural caviar of salmon each variety has its own special color, from bright red from salmon to orange-pink at pink. Artificial eggs are usually painted in “average” reddish-orange color.
  • The presence of the embryo. Each natural egg is a germ – a dark, oily stain that can be seen with the naked eye. In surrogate eggs “germ” is not and can not be. However, in recent years began to appear fake with black dots in each “egg”. This means that some unscrupulous “producers” have learned to mimic the “eye”, so when checking the calves to better focus on the combination of several characteristics rather than one.

Судья  МастерШеф  рассказал, как отличить настоящую икру от искусственной



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