The massacre in the school in Belarus showed a small photo of the beast: “was Indifferent to all”

Резня в школе Беларуси, показали фото маленького зверя: «Равнодушен был ко всем»

In the Internet appeared new details of the massacre that occurred at one of the schools in Belarus

This was stated by head of the surgical Department Dmitry Pleskach.

“At the moment, both patients were operated on, as their heavy stable. To assist the involved regional professionals, at the moment, their life threatens nothing”, — he said.

Резня в школе Беларуси, показали фото маленького зверя: «Равнодушен был ко всем»

At the same time, a friend of the culprit of the tragedy said that the guy behaved quite closed.

“There is no hatred of someone he definitely was not. On the contrary. He had no one else was angry. The feeling that he never got angry. Was indifferent to all”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, were the details of a terrible accident in the Belarusian school, where a teenager killed a teacher and another student

Near the secondary school № 2 of the city Stolbtsy in Belarus, the police on duty, students out of the buildings in turn. The teacher asked the parents to take the kids. School canceled.

“According to preliminary data, the suspect in the attack, the student of 10th class came to school around 7:40. He put the briefcase and left the office. Then returned and attacked the teacher of history, which was to lead the first lesson. The teacher tried to stand up two classmates. They were injured. After that, the suspect ran out of class and went into the next room, where he attacked a student of 11th class. 17-year-old schoolboy in the attack were killed,” — said the official representative of the Investigative Committee Sergey Kabakovich.

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He also added that the deceased teacher was 50 years old. Two victims of a tenth are in hospital, their condition is estimated as stable.

And the victim, and affected boys are well attended, was excellent.

Резня в школе Беларуси, показали фото маленького зверя: «Равнодушен был ко всем»

Recall that the children were upset by the shooting at the school in Transcarpathia.

As reported Politeka in Kiev shot the people next to the CRPD.

Also Politeka told that in Kiev because of the shooting, entered the operational plan of the highest degree.

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