The manger announced a suspect in the murder Gandzyuk, who he is, banned videos

Мангеру объявили подозрение в убийстве Гандзюк: кто он такой, запрещенное видео

The Prosecutor’s office found enough evidence against the probable customer of murder

February 11, militiamen suggested the suspicion for the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko published on the page in Facebook the document is official notification to the senior official.

The consequence considers as the organizer of the murder of Vladislav Magner. It is headed by the Kherson regional Council. The document notes that a registered crime is committed from mercenary motives by prior agreement and with cruelty. During a pretrial investigation law enforcement authorities identified the presence of evidence against the suspect.

Мангеру объявили подозрение в убийстве Гандзюк: кто он такой, запрещенное видео

Earlier, the Bureau of the Kherson regional organization of “Batkivshchyna” excluded Vladislav manger from the party. Colleagues in political organization urged the head of a regional Council to vacate the position. Sam Munger expressed readiness for such a deed.

What we know about politics, which I suspect in one of the most notorious murders in the history of the country. Vladislav Magner began his career in government as nachalne Department at State tax inspection in the Crimea. He later took the position of Deputy chief bend of Kerch, and then the chief seat of the STI Kherson. He also worked as Deputy head of the State agricultural Inspectorate in the Kherson region.

Мангеру объявили подозрение в убийстве Гандзюк: кто он такой, запрещенное видео

In addition, Vladislav Munger previously unsuccessfully ran for the deputies of Ukraine and the mayor of Kherson, and also was the assistant ex-the Deputy of Rada from “Party of regions” Alexey Zhuravko. In 2016 Kherson deputies elected him Chairman of the “Fatherland.” According to media reports, the candidacy of Magner approved by all factions except BPP. So he became the head of the regional Council.

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In late November, the information appeared that Munger ran away from Ukraine because of the murder investigation Gandzyuk. Colleagues from the regional Council explained otsutsvtie head the usual vacation. They stressed that the policy was questioned as a witness in the case Gandzyuk. Now the situation has changed radically, and Munger became the Prime suspect.

And in November last year a close friend of Gandzyuk and volunteer Roman Sinitsyn told about the searches in the apartment and surrounded by Vladislav manger: “the manger is a very prilinkovan to Russia. Know that during the searches were seized mobile phones, tablets and other equipment. I really hope that the investigation will go in the right direction.”

Journalist Catherine Mola also mentioned manger in its investigation of the situation. The author noted that she Gandzyuk tied manger with Russia. She also noted that a close friend of Gandzyuk Sergey Nikitenko made the film “There is a limit. Who are you, Mr. Munger” on the activities of the official and his connections with the underworld. After the publication of banned video journalist was beaten.

We will remind, the unknown details of the tragedy with Gandzyuk: it was possible to save and cure.

As reported Politeka, arrested a key suspect in the case Gandzyuk.

Also Politeka wrote what popped up scary murder mystery Gandzyuk: what punishment shines the culprit.

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