The man did self with Zidane after the accident and offered to exchange machines: photofact

Чоловік зробив селфі з Зіданом після ДТП і запропонував обмінятися машинами: фотофакт

The man in the car that drove into the main coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane was asked of a famous football player to make him self and offered to switch cars to settle the case.

As you know, Zidane has faced the car of the owner of a furniture store Ignacio Fernandez. “I recognized him as soon as he saw them, he said that he would like to meet in other circumstances. But that was good. I asked him to do self with me because people wouldn’t believe that my car was hit Zidane. He was very kind and agreed. He took off his hat, we took pictures”, – said Fernandez.

At the time of the accident Zidane was driving his Audi Rs6 and rammed the car of a Spanish businessman Audi Q4.

“I asked him to switch machines to handle it, but not worked”, – said the owner of a furniture store. Later Fernandez contacted the agent of Zidane, to resolve the situation and thanked him for what he did not ask the coach of real Madrid autographs, t-shirts and tickets, as the Frenchman hurried to practice. “But I’m actually not very fond of football”, – admitted then Fernandez.

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