The man came to someone else’s apartment as a home — and repeated “Irony of fate”, but with a criminal bent

No, he did not offend the hostess for quality jellied fish, it was much worse and sadder.

Чоловік прийшов у чужу квартиру як до себе додому — і повторив «Іронію долі», але з кримінальним ухилом

How many times prosecutors told the world: read the fine print! What?! Like peas on the ice! 25-the summer inhabitant of Bratsk (it’s in the Irkutsk region) have ignored a simple rule, and it cost him dearly (and not to him even more expensive).

Being a little tipsy, he decided that not everyone will make of sound mind, namely, to come to his wife, with whom he lived apart. And not to blame her younger years, and to teach the friend with whom they had some moral disagreements.

Approaching the house, where the clerk identified confidently his own, he rose to the desired floor and called the right apartment. The door was opened. Being in the firm belief that it is an ideological enemy, a stranger stabbed him in the heart. The incident occurred a woman who had nothing in common except gender, with the second half striker. Glancing at a bleeding victim, he realized that he sees her for the first time.

Realizing his mistake, the avenger went to fix it — look for the arch-opponent. Meanwhile, the events went on as usual: the wounded died, and persistent resident of Bratsk keenly interested in the police.

Then there was the court, in which he explained: drunk he missed, and instead of the housing 17 with the letter “R” appeared in the structure 17. Judges imbued with the circumstances of the accused, and the next 12 years it will not be up for revenge: he conducted them to the colony.

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