The man brought his wife to the examination and beat the doctor

 A man brought his wife for an examination and beat the doctor

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Yesterday, a 37-year-old man from Yehud was arrested by police on suspicion of assault. The attacker's wife gave birth 5 months ago and has been suffering from abdominal pain for some time. The doctor on duty examined the patient and asked the family to wait so that he could call another doctor for additional consultation. While waiting for a colleague, the doctor left to examine another patient in the next room. “After a while, there was a terrible roar outside. I thought someone had fallen and hurried out. And then I received a stunning punch in the face. I managed to escape from him and escape while he was held back by the medical staff and relatives of other patients.

It turns out that while I was in the next room, her husband saw a note on the table with the phone number of a urologist named Yotam whom I consulted earlier about another case. He asked the nurse for my name and she told him Dothan. He probably heard Yotam and concluded that I was hitting on his wife and trying to give her a note with my phone number.

Tonight, the police will demand an extension of the arrest in the Tel Aviv District Court. The detainee punched the doctor several times in the face, destroying cabinets for medical equipment. As a result of the attack, the doctor received bodily injuries, including a suspected nose fracture.

During a rally near the hospital, the director of Ichilov, Professor Roni Gamzo, said: “We want to convey to the citizens the idea — we will not accept patients and their families who do not know how to behave.
Israeli society's violence will remain outside hospitals and health funds. We want to work in a specialized system and we are the most dedicated people in the world. I don't need cops around every doctor and every nurse all the time.

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