The main thing of the night: disaster at sea and is a big mistake of Ukraine with the Church

Главное за ночь: катастрофа в море и большая ошибка Украины с церковью

Trump made the attack on Russia: “Putin is in a nightmare never dreamed of”

The President of the United States Donald trump in January 2019 presented in the Pentagon’s Review report on ballistic missile defense (BMD), which contains, in particular, the plan to contain Russia and China.

Moreover, it is indicated that the NATO allies are supposed to defend themselves not only from Iran but also from Russia, and — at his own expense, buying weapons including the United States.

Главное за ночь: катастрофа в море и большая ошибка Украины с церковью

Filaret called a big mistake of Ukraine with a new Church: “urgent need to fix”

The newly formed Ukraine has an independent Church is wrong to call the DNC. This was stated by the honourable Patriarch.

According to him, it is called the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. And only this is correct.

“Now spread the misnomer of “PCU” – the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. That’s right – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. We do not say “Russian Orthodox Church” or “Orthodox Church of Bulgaria”. This needs to be corrected”, – he explained.

The new tax will rip off Ukrainian tourists: where and how much to pay

Bali plans to introduce a fee in the amount of US $ 10 for foreign tourists, and the money raised will go to environmental protection and culture.

Главное за ночь: катастрофа в море и большая ошибка Украины с церковью

Counterpart Putin floated to the Baptism in the hole: “Recovered from the vaults of the Kremlin”
In the world

On the island fighting against the growing amount of plastic waste on the beaches and in the water. Every day in Bali (Indonesia) produced approximately 3,800 tonnes of waste of which 60% go to landfills.

Just two ship was wrecked, the death toll exceeded 100: “there is no Hope”

In the Mediterranean sea sank two boats. In all probability the result of a shipwreck killed 170 people.

One boat came from Libya. Italian ship that was able to save only three passengers reported that most of the passengers were from West Africa. All on Board, according to the rescued, there were about 120 people, among them women and children.

In addition, the port of Morocco on the boat swam 53. Previously known that the boat they were in sank in a collision. No one survived.

Ukrainian woman gave birth to 19th child and set a record

In the Rivne region, a woman has set a new record for births. A resident of the village of Clay Rokytnivskiy district Svetlana Kovalevich gave birth to 19th child.

The boy was born on the birthday of his father Peter at Baptism. Older sisters called baby beach. Has a weight of 3 kg 930 grams and growth 62 see

Главное за ночь: катастрофа в море и большая ошибка Украины с церковью

Recall that in the Lviv region, the family with seven children huddled in one room.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians are becoming fewer because of the uncertainty in the future.

Also Politeka wrote, Ukrainian with seven children settled the mayor of the regional center.

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