The main signs that you eat a lot of sugar

Названы главные признаки того, что вы едите много сахара

Often the first thing you pay attention when excessive weight should avoid eating too much sugar.

It can be called poison for your body. It causes not only weight gain but also negatively affects other aspects of health, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

Your blood contains very sensitive elements. However, sometimes you may not realize the negative impact that can have on the body excessive intake of sugar.

Perhaps the only danger that you associated with the overuse of sugar is diabetes , and if you don’t suffer it, you consume a healthy amount of this substance. It is true that the development of diabetes is one of the symptoms is the consumption of too much sugar. But before reaching this extreme, there is a number of side effects that can complicate your daily life.

Dessert that has properties beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract

You may not recognize as sugar consumption is so normal in our society.

Signs that you are eating a lot of sugar


His influence can be compared with the influence of stimulants. First, you fast increase of energy , but she soon falls below the normal level. Therefore, after the initial surge you feel the fall. The overall reaction to this kind of fatigue — carbonated drinks, or other stimulants that also contain a lot of sugar. It only starts the cycle all over again. That is why we recommend to drink coffee without sugar or other ingredients will help you restore energy.

The desire to eat more sweets

As we said earlier, refers to substances whose effects are similar to the effects of the drug. So if you find that think about sweets constantly, it can be a sign that you eat a lot of sugar. Perhaps you have formed a dependence on it. The reason for this is our origin as a species. We need glucose to survive. The more we eat the more the brain tells the body to store. That’s why sugar add in the most unexpected products, such as snacks and even meat.

Mood swings

As we have said, the more you eat, the more you crave. This means that when you ate something sweet, you in a better mood. On the other hand, when you do not eat sugar, you become irritable. The funny thing is that now your mood swings are associated with a particular food. Everything that was processed, contains glucose, which means that this compound can appear in any foods that you eat.

You gained weight

After your brain has received the necessary amount of sugar the body absorbs the remains in the form of fat. Because the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to digest, your liver identifies it as a fat. Don’t panic — you can still eat several pieces of fruit and to lose weight. Glucose in these products are not as harmful as in cakes and other store-bought products.

Your skin suffers when you eat a lot of sugar

The digestion of sugar requires insulin. It is a powerful substance that the body produces in large amounts when you eat a lot of sugar. Many people are very sensitive to it, and their skin eventually becomes dry and scaly. Indeed, you can buy many cosmetics for dry skin, but we believe that before resorting to it, should reduce the intake of sugar to see if it was he cause.

Named products that positively affect the mood

Your blood pressure rises

Without a doubt, you heard that salt is bad for pressure, but did you know that sugar is worse? The study showed that since its harder to digest, it puts a great strain for the heart. This in turn increases blood pressure. Problems arising from this phenomenon, very common today. However, people rarely admit that connection. There are many factors that cause high blood pressure, but along with the pleasure from the sweets you can trigger it

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