The main rules for the selection and storage of bread

Названы главные правила выбора и хранения хлеба

Storing bread is best in paper or fabric bag.

Almost 100 kg of grain consumes an average for the year, one Ukrainian, considered in the state statistics. White, gray, black, of bran – everyone chooses different and stores differently, according to the with reference to the Telegraph.

Nutritionists say that the most useful – rye bread. It is well kept and cleanses the body due to the high content of fiber. To strengthen the immune system helps bread with bran and various seeds.

Wheat bread was at the end of the rating nutritional value. In this loaf often add bleach and baking powder. From them we only harm, like from toast bread.

To avoid the need and popular Bezdrotova bread. This is pure marketing trick, say professional bakers. Bread without yeast better than the oven at home, then we have nothing to fear.

Buy better bread in specialty stores or supermarkets, but in any case not in natural markets. There is almost every other loaf is a fake, experts say.

Trouble will from bread in bags, especially chopped. The film creates a greenhouse effect and a loaf of moldy quickly. To prevent this, manufacturers add in the dough special substance.

Storing bread is best in paper bags or fabric. And if the bread box, only in plastic. Wooden quickly develop mold and fungus. The loaf can also be sliced and frozen.

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The bread is not spoiled, it is better to buy it in small portions and just eat. Recommended daily allowance for an adult is 2-3 slices. So you get fat, and get the necessary dose of vitamins.

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