The main rich Dynamo Kiev: who made the list

Названы главные богачи киевского динамо: кто попал в список

The owner of Dynamo Igor Surkis told about the contracts of the players

The situation with wages at Dynamo Kiev since all known events in the country has changed significantly. And obviously the smaller side. About this stated the President of the club in an interview Vatske Live.

“We have taxes on wages not paid by the club and the players themselves. Now we are not able to pay such salary, which pays Shakhtar Donetsk, they can, they pay. We all know what the wages Moraes, Tyson, was Rakytskyy”.

Названы главные богачи киевского динамо: кто попал в список

“We close these salaries no. To date, the highest paid player in Dynamo Yarmolenko and Garmash. Everyone else gets ten times less than it was before,” — said Surkis.

The exact amount that you get Denys Harmash and Serhiy sydorchuk of Dynamo President did not name, but said that this amount is less than $ 1 million a year. It is worth saying that in the pre-war period, these same players could get two or more million dollars a year.

Also we should clarify that and Garmash and Yarmolenko are not the main players of the team, sitting in deep reserve but being paid by the players.

Названы главные богачи киевского динамо: кто попал в список

Recall that the ultras Dinamo was attacked twice during the match in Kiev against the Greek Olympiacos in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League. In this match the players played in a draw, but the Ukrainian fans got a lot more. Before the meeting, the ultras of the Greeks hung on sector of the Russian tricolor.

This was the trigger for our fans, so that was a large-scale brawl with a stabbing. In this skirmish damaged a few of our ultras, receiving lacerations similar to a knife cut. Pictures of the Russian flag on the Greeks sector published in various football-related groups, led an active discussion. In the end, the commentators decided to make the response a “warm” welcome to the fans of Olympiacos in Kiev.

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The second fight, if it can be called so, happened against the Greek police, who was in full uniform. Police beat our ultras clubs right on the podium, pushing them to the edge of the sector.

Earlier, UEFA has changed the start time in the Champions League this season.

As reported Politeka, the European football Union will also create a new tournament for European clubs. Its launch is to be held in season 2021/22.

Also Politeka wrote about how much will the miner for performance in the Champions League.




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