The main character of the Bachelor was infected by a coronavirus and is treated in the sun

Главный герой  Холостяка  заразился коронавирусом и лечится на солнце

The protagonist of “the Bachelor,” had contracted the coronavirus and treated in the sun
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Francis Matthew picked up COVID-19.

A descendant of the Romanov dynasty, the hero of the Ukrainian TV show “the Bachelor 2” have isolated themselves due to the coronavirus. Francis Matthew told how he feels.

On the eighth day of coronavirus I’ve finally got a bit of energy. Still little, but I wanted to thoroughly clean the house and shave. Now I’m energized, but how nice when everything is clean! Enjoy tea on the roof and trying to recharge in the sun. What I do know is the experience of the last several days is the fact that the virus affects everyone differently. I would say that fell into the category of people with symptoms of moderate difficulty, – said Matthew.

March 17, Matthew realized that he was sick. The star of the show felt a weakness and tension in the chest, began to cough. Since then, it took eight days, but the weakness is not over.

– The disease caught up with me last Tuesday morning when I felt tension in my chest and severe weakness. I went home, went to bed, it was hard to breathe. Throbbing headache and obessilennaya. On the second day I lost my sense of smell and taste, despite the fact that the nose had not been laid. After the cough, which eased the tension in his chest. The cough lasted a day and a half. Then the tension in his chest returned with a small burning sensation in the lungs. It was difficult for me to take a deep breath without pain. I still do not feel the taste and smell, but the strength came back, and chest no longer crushes and hurts. Completely ceasing to play sports, feel squeezed, climbing stairs, and hope to start doing light exercises to Friday. Moreover, going to post more since I now have time at home on quarantine, — admitted the ex-Bachelor.

In the finale of “the Bachelor” Francis chose Helen Rasnov from Zaporozhye, but the couple broke up after six months. Meeting with Lena, Francis talked with the other girls and showed it in social networks. However, in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” about the reasons for the gap Matthew said: “I realized that our feelings are more friendship than love.”

Rasnov said that he was ready to fight for Matthew, but one person’s efforts are not enough.

After “the Bachelor,” Francis returned to England. About my personal life silent.


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