The main causes of osteoarthritis

Названы главные причины возникновения артроза

Risk factors for development of osteoarthritis and signs of the disease.

Arthropathy, first described in the time of Hippocrates, widely distributed and at the present time. One of the most common pathologies osteoarthritis is considered that in most cases affects phalangeal, knee and hip joints. How to identify signs of osteoarthritis of the hands in time to stop the progression of the disease, consider the article, according to the with reference to

Causes of osteoarthritis the disease are the processes of dystrophy and degeneration, which destroys the cartilage layer of joints. Partial flow restriction to intra-articular cartilage of nutrients leads to its premature aging. The destruction is slow. The patient initially may not even observe the signs of osteoarthritis.

Risk group

According to statistics in the age of 55-65 years arthrosis exposed to 80% of the population. He is capable of hitting almost any joints of musculoskeletal system. But the disease often occurs at a young age.

At risk:

Athletes – for many years put your body active exercise. When they retire, and they gradually decrease in muscle tissue slows down the metabolism, joints lose elasticity, as a consequence developing the disease.

Professional dancers – the reason is the same, but in addition the development of the disease can trigger and undertreated injuries.

People who engage in heavy physical labor – being all the time on my feet at work for the machines and thereby the load on the knee and ankle, “the chance to earn” arthrosis are increased several times. Porters, seamstresses, and people of other professions that use fine motor skills often develop osteoarthritis of the hands.

Office workers – sedentary staying in a fixed position, the risk of developing osteoarthritis of the hip joint.

Risk factors

The reason for the development of osteoarthritis can be as factors influencing the joints from the outside, and the internal processes in the body. The main factors of the disease: Hereditary – if the parents suffered from osteoarthritis, then it is likely that their children will also be exposed to the disease.

Inflammation in the joints – the presence of infection in the body against the background of low immunity can trigger inflammation of the joints. If time does not take action, when inflammation of the interarticular cartilage will begin to break down, which may lead already to the 2nd stage of the disease. Diabetes mellitus is associated with the endocrine disorders worsens the work of blood vessels that nourish the interarticular cartilage. Excess weight – excess body weight puts a heavy load on the joints, causing them premature wear.

The clinical picture of the disease

The first signs of osteoarthritis most often develop after strenuous physical exercise. Suddenly pain occurs Pain caused by deterioration of sliding of the articular surfaces in the affected joint. At the initial stage they have a short time frame. As soon as the load is reduced, the pain gone. But enough re-engage with the joint, as again there are convulsive muscular exertion, accompanied by acute pain.

Fatigue the affected joint Patients say that in the muscles located next to a sick joint, there is a “stiffness” which is manifested by limitation of motion. But it is worth considering that osteoarthritis is significantly relaxes muscles. And this often leads to frequent dislocations and sprains.

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For people suffering from this disease, the usual business and household chores become a real challenge. Signs of osteoarthritis of the hands is vividly expressed and manifested by the following symptoms: pain in the hands when making movements; swelling and swelling of joints, redness of the hands; weakness of the bones; pronounced crunch; nodule formation of Bushehr and “Gaberdine”; the lengthening of the fingers.

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