The main and most fashionable colors of spring 2022 are named

The main and most fashionable colors of spring 2022 are named

The globally renowned Pantone Color Institute has released a report on spring 2022 color trends for New York Fashion Week. The report includes ten vibrant colors and five basic classic shades.

“The emotional quality of colors really has a bigger impact than anything else that happens in the world around us. I'm just amazed that people talk about their feelings for color more often than ever before, '' said Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Panton Color Institute.

Experts point out that the main factor influencing this change in perception , became a pandemic. So, in the palette of trendy colors there are four shades of blue, each of which seems to hint at the ubiquitous protective masks.

The top ten shades of Pantone leaders include: pastel blue, powdery pink, bright crimson, dark -blue, sunny yellow, shade of ice covered lake, sea wave, coffee, dahlia and red.

The fashion industry responded instantly to the changes in society. Health problems, lockdowns, canceled plans, broken hopes, constant postponement – & ndash; all this led to trends in calm tones. But only in half the cases.

On the other hand, there is a human tendency to want to get out of captivity and become active again. Bright colors lift your spirits and allow you to refuse to become a child again, teach you to enjoy life and give pleasure.

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