The location of fat says about the person and what to do with it

Obesity is one of the major diseases of our time. The world health organization reports that in 2014 more than 1.9 billion adults worldwide were overweight. This is a huge number that is almost 40 percent of the adult population of the world. But worst of all — around 41 million children under the age of 5 years were overweight in 2014.

However, despite these appalling figures, you need to understand that obesity is not always the same for each person. According to the National health service of great Britain, a study conducted at Sheffield University and the Harvard school of public health showed that there are six different types of obese people. This: young, healthy women; hard drinking men; unhappy or mentally unhealthy men and women of middle age; a wealthy and healthy person of advanced age; physically sick, but happy older people; and the poor people deprived of decent financial security and health.

Knowing their own type of obesity, it can be concluded that is the main reason why you are gaining weight, and therefore know how to begin to get rid of. So, a restless middle-aged woman probably has issues that affect its weight different from those that has a hard drinker. And solutions to them will also be very different. However, they both should include sports, workouts and exercises.

The researchers also tried to collect data as to what part of the body located fat in man and to compare them with his life. According to these studies, the location of fat on the body can understand what is the main cause of obesity and how best to get rid of it.

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1. So, obesity of the upper body. It is a sign of strong overeating. Required, first and foremost, a healthy balanced diet (and not in such quantities!), and exercise. According to a study by the Mayo clinic in 2008, obesity of the upper body is a major risk factor of developing diabetes type 2 and sometimes type 1, hypertension and other diseases. Therefore, it is very important that the person suffering from obesity upper body, serious about your weight today.

2. The swollen stomachis likely to be the result of excessive alcohol consumption. In this case, the person must greatly reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed per day, and it is better to get rid of this habit. In addition, of course, will not prevent the exercise, in order to disperse the fat throughout the body, and a more balanced diet.

3. Fat in the lower abdomen is a common symptom of depression and anxiety, and that obesity is best treated in two ways simultaneously: by using stress relief (yoga, positive, new course) and exercise.

4. A large protruding stomach and fat on the upper back is the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Quite possibly, people with this type of fat distribution will become a witness of how the fat on his body will start to melt almost as soon as it will begin to perform regular exercise program for at least several days. People with this obesity needs to keep the blood sugar levels are always normal. It is best to stick to a fractional power.

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All four types of obesity upper body is recommended 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobics five days a week. Such activities include Jogging, Cycling, Hiking and swimming. Such procedures will help to reduce the fat in waist and abdomen.

5. Obesity lower body is more common in women than men. For combat the fat here women need to train with weights and also do exercises to improve the cardiovascular system.

6. The obesity of the lower body to the bottom of the feet is most common in pregnant women. To combat this obesity just given birth to a woman it is best to consult her doctor.

7. The distribution of body fat in the lower body are often referred to as “gynoid” or pear-shaped body figure. Here suitable exercises aimed at burning fat in the hips and buttocks. These exercises to quickly burn calories, reduce fat in the lower body region, and also improves everything about the cardiovascular system.

But it is important to remember that obesity is a disease, but the disease is curable — only you. The sooner you take care of your body and banish from it the fat, the healthier you will be the rest of my life.

Be sure to consult with your doctor if you decide to change your diet and resort to other methods to drop body fat — traditional and non-traditional too.

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