The liquidation of the leader of “Islamic Jihad”: why the security cabinet was not convened

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 The liquidation of the leader of the

Government legal adviser Gali Baarav-Miara said she “gave the green light” to Prime Minister Yair Lapid to assassinate an Islamic Jihad leader without convening a security cabinet, because she was sure that this act would not lead to war.

The Times of Israel reports.< br />
According to Baarav-Miar, the security service assured her that the liquidation would not lead to war, so there was no need to convene the highest security body.

The adviser noted that each case was considered individually.

“In this case, given the intelligence assessment meetings, the professional enforcers unanimously declared that the military action decided upon under the circumstances was not one that could lead to war,” – said Gali Baarav-Miara.

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