The lifting of COVID-restrictions in China led to the death of almost 60 thousand people

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 The lifting of COVID restrictions in China led to the death of almost 60 thousand people

59,928 people have died in hospitals in China since December 8.

An unprecedented death rate has been recorded since the easing of tight restrictions, officials say.

The average age of the dead is 80.3 years. In 5,503, the infection caused mental dysfunction, and 54,435 were suffering from coronavirus in combination with other diseases. According to Reuters, the report did not take into account COVID deaths outside hospitals.

China announced a significant easing of restrictions in early December after massive protests erupted across the country. Against the backdrop of weakening, there was an unprecedented surge in the incidence rate. Sources said that the morgues could not cope with the number of dead, who allegedly had to be burned right on the streets.

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