The legendary singer ruthlessly “trampled” Pugachev: Mediocrity

Легендарный певец беспощадно "втоптал" Пугачеву: Посредственность

Russian singer and producer Andrey Razin, quite unflattering spoke about Alla Pugacheva, or rather, her habit of Smoking

He said that this addiction made diva mediocrity. This statement Razin was made on his page in social network Instagram.

Легендарный певец беспощадно "втоптал" Пугачеву: Посредственность

According to Andrey Razin, Pugachev, in his youth, had a remarkable voice. But, he was always surprised by the fact that she was Smoking, despite the fact that there was a small child. Now, the voice of the prima Donna sat down heavily, and does not allow her to sing so good as before.

Легендарный певец беспощадно "втоптал" Пугачеву: Посредственность

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“I was always amazed that Alla Borisovna even at a young age, having a young child, was a smoker. I never smoked and any delay did not. In “Tender may” it’s very much all punished. I believe that the voice from Alla Pugacheva was really good and the best in the world. So, she won at prestigious international competitions”, — says Razin.

“But, the Smoking has done its job, and today Pugacheva almost turned into a mediocre singer, because it sat very low voice. So to hear those works that we could hear and enjoy her voice, we have, unfortunately,” he added.

Легендарный певец беспощадно "втоптал" Пугачеву: Посредственность

By the way, surfaced earlier unknown details of the death of Eugene Aspen. Producer group “Tender may” Andrey Razin declared that the legend of the 90s brought to the grave for the woman.

Razin published in Instagram a farewell video from the funeral of a performer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” in Aspen, which took place a few days ago. Under the video he posted a shocking text.

In the caption to the video were made a public accusation: “I continue to believe that Natalia Shturm responsible for his death,” said the producer.

Легендарный певец беспощадно "втоптал" Пугачеву: Посредственность

“The death of the Aspen contributed to the provocation the Storm for the sake of PR and money arranged with journalists and pseudoframe, where he published the footage, how did it spoil and poisoned some obscure drugs,” said Razin.

“Against this background, Zhenya deteriorated psychological and physical health, leading to death,” said Razin.

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