The legacy of Corno Kristine Girard

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

There are just six months, the artist-painter Kristine Girard received a substantial legacy from Corno : of brushes, pots of paint and canvas, large formats. Even though she knew that the gift was of inestimable value, she would never have imagined that it would initiate a new stage of his life as an artist.

Kristine Girard would have wanted to collaborate with Corno. The illness and then the death of the artist prevented the project from being realized. Last April, the family of the painter who had an international career, has decided to offer the hardware in Corno artists of his native city. Kristine Girard is the number. The artist has received the gift with happiness and a desire to exceed.

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

Twelve paintings of Kristine Girard are presented in the context of a tribute exhibition until 20 October at the Gallery Corno located in Old Montreal.


A few months later, she can claim that it has accomplished its mission. Kristine Girard exhibiting 12 large canvases in the Gallery Corno of Old Montreal until October 20. Of the works she has created in a short period of time and who have brought elsewhere.

“In mid-June, I phoned the director of the gallery, Corno. I showed him what I was doing. It pleased him. Line, sister to Corno, had told him that I had received the material, but she didn’t want that decision to expose myself or not to be influenced by it. They have loved my work. After a meeting where the connection was instantaneous, the director proposed me to exhibit in October, ” says the artist.

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

The paintings of Kristine Girard are rich, strong, colourful and filled with light.


The challenge was great : create 12 large canvases in a few weeks. “I hesitated for a few seconds and I realized that I had to give an answer immediately. “

Kristine Girard has decided to begin. “I put myself in a state of creation, with all the hygiene of life. I prepared as if I was going to do a marathon, with a time schedule and a balanced diet. I established a great discipline and it really has been. “

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

The canvas of Herbs and wild flowers is born from a walk of the artist in the ranks of the Islands of Saint-Gédéon.


The artist is left to carry by her inspiration, and has chosen to pay tribute to Corno in the discussion of femininity with flowers.

She has had to deal with a certain pressure. “I know that I work well with pressure, if I give myself the right tools. “

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

The bouquet of Cyrano is a bunch well-pruned by a gardener with a night-light at the time of the serenade.


The mother of four children had to meet the winning conditions to meet the challenge.

“I explained to my children that it was a significant event in my life. It has done very well with them. They are proud of. They have seen me work hard. “

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

Kristine Girard exposes for the first time at the Gallery Corno Montreal. She hopes to now have a foot on the ground.


For the artist, the experience was revealing.

“It has been a process of perspective of life and creation. It brings me back to my artistic essence. The large formats have me return to what I was doing 12 years ago. I am adapted to small formats to the market, now, I’ll jump in the essence of Kristine Girard. For me, this is a turning point. A positioning of ” mid-career “, writes the artist 48 years.

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

With The flowers of the wedding, Kristine Girard wanted to represent the perfect wedding bouquet that symbolizes including love, seduction, and friendship.


His work was very well received. Six of the 12 paintings were sold in just three days.

“It has been very well received, I think. There were 132 people at the opening. It is a lot. The gallery is very pleased. What I exhibit, it is the color of the Corno, but with a different treatment. I’ve added my pigmentation, I’ve changed the density. A lot of friends Corno came to the opening. They told me that the paintings were rich and strong, as She had the gift to do so, with a light which springs up, but completely different. People were just happy that I have not tried to do something similar. “

Le legs de Corno à Kristine Girard

Kristine Girard has painted on the canvas provided by the relatives of the Corno after his death. She used the colors of Corno by changing their density.


As a tribute to Corno, Kristine Girard has painted a Magnolia, a white board textures.

“It evokes the femininity. Corno had a desire to be with the nature at the end of life. It has made it serene. I felt that she accompanied me. It accompanies me still “, she said with shining eyes.


Everything comes to those who wait. This is a motto that befits Kristine Girard. A move, the return to the tables of large sizes and travel projects full the head, the artist feels that it is now time to let the new momentum that dwells in it.

“I’m at a new stage of my life as a woman and as an artist,” says the one for whom the next few months could be very animated. After having spent three years in a workshop of Arvida, Kristine Girard is located in the center of the city of Chicoutimi. His new workshop, it will occupy from the 1st of November, will be located a few steps from the bus station, rue du Havre.

“Initially, I was installed in the house. Then, I was in the neighborhood. I move away quietly. I want to detach my work from family life. I want to feel the vibrations of the city centre “, she explains.

Now that her children have grown up, the artist would also like to link his work to travel. “I would like that it drops me elsewhere, to inspire me to a place. I dream of a stay in San Sebastián. “

Having a foot on the ground to the Gallery, Corno, lead international projects and to be distributed in Québec city and Charlevoix are also among the aspirations of the artist. “It is important to go to the end of his dreams. “

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