The leader of the Aquarium group praised Ukraine

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 The leader of the Aquarium group praised Ukraine

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The leader of the Russian rock band "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshchikov gave an interview to Israeli journalists, in which he praised Ukraine and called the events taking place in it a monstrous tragedy.

However, the artist does not believe that all Russians are responsible for a full-scale war.

” Since childhood, I know very well that there is a country where I was born and raised and in whose culture I live, and there is a separate government, a state that exists in order not to let go, not to give, to choke. I have not changed this opinion over the past 68 years,” he said.

Grebenshchikov also said that it was always a pleasure for him to come to Ukraine.

“I was pleased which, it turns out, can be done like this: rich, light, good, joyful. We were very loved IN Ukraine. More than in Russia. People came up on the street, hugged and said: “Thank you for coming.” What is happening now is not just a tragedy for me, a monstrous tragedy. That Russia attacked Ukraine in such a terrible way. It is necessary to do everything possible to stop the human victims,"– emphasized musician.

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