The law on bullying in school already in force: the police, fines and the punishment of parents

Закон о травле в школе уже в силе: полиция, штрафы и наказание родителей

Today in Ukraine came into force the law on countering bullying


The Parliament voted for the Law on countering bullying № 2657-VIII in December. Entered into force the document today, January 19.

Закон о травле в школе уже в силе: полиция, штрафы и наказание родителей

The new law contains a definition of the phenomenon of bullying/harassment. According to the document, it is the actions of the participants in the educational process, which consist in different kinds of violence, including by means of electronic communications.

Physical, psychological or economic violence is committed against a minor or of a minor or such person in relation to other participants in the educational process, the result of which could be or was harmed mental or physical health of the victim.

Закон о травле в школе уже в силе: полиция, штрафы и наказание родителей

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The penalty for bullying — 850-1700 UAH or public works for 20-40 hours. If violated, a group of persons, or it happened repeatedly during the year, the penalty will be 1700-3400 UAH or public works for a period of 40-60 hours.

If teenagers at the age from 14 to 16 years will poison children from school, provided the same sanctions for their parents or guardians.

Also there is a penalty for the head of the educational institution, if he gives in Netpolicy about the facts of bullying. The sanction provides for a fine of 850-1700 UAH or corrective works for the term up to one month with deduction of 20% of earnings.

Note, the law “On education” provided the typical signs of bullying (bullying):

  • the systematic (repeatable) actions;
  • the presence of the parties – the offender (Buller), the victim (victim of bullying), observers;
  • acts or omissions of the offender, the result of which is the infliction of mental and/or physical harm, humiliation, fear, anxiety, submission of the victim to the interests of the offender and/or causing social isolation of the victim.

To counteract bullying, expanded the rights and responsibilities of teachers and educators.

Teachers are required to report to the management about harassment. Parents of students have the right to information and to the management of the educational institution with the message about bullying. They are also required to assist in the investigation of the facts of bullying.

Moreover, the Director shall provide psycho-educational services to the Buller, or those who witnessed or a victim of bullying.

The head of the educational institution also needs “to create a safe educational environment, free from violence and bullying”. He develops a plan of action to combat bullying, dealing with allegations of harassment, decides to investigate reports of such cases in the Netpolicy.

Закон о травле в школе уже в силе: полиция, штрафы и наказание родителей

Educational institutions must publish on their websites the rules of conduct of the student and the plan of measures aimed at preventing and countering bullying. There should be information about how to confidentially apply for the case of bullying and how the application will react.

It is determined that both students, and teachers have the right to protection from bullying.


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