The Latvian actress openly talks about alcohol dependence

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The Latvian actress openly talks about alcohol dependence

Former Daile Theater actress Kristine Belicka in an interview with director J. Gillinger in “Talking on Sensitive Topics” on YouTube Spot openly talked about his alcohol dependence.

As you know, K. Belicka lost his job at the Daile Theater in 2009 due to his addictions.

Now the woman has been abstaining from alcohol for some time and hopes that it will be for a “longer time”. Mrs Belicka states that she does not know exactly how long she will abstain.

“I don’t count because it makes me nervous. It’s tragic. So I don’t count,” says Belicka, who reveals that whenever she wants to drink, she remembers the most embarrassing moments of intoxication so as not to succumb to temptation.

She makes no secret of the fact that she “cannot afford” to be in an environment where alcohol is consumed. In addition, the woman is currently in a relationship with a man who has also been an “addict”.

Ms Belicka openly states that if she has tried to justify her addiction in the past, she now understands that it is a disease that needs to be treated.

Currently, K. Belicka works in the field of real estate.

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