The last words of the eternally called show star Gunārs to the audience

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The last words of the eternally called show star Gunārs to the audience

“You are sad without me”, on Friday night on TV screens in the show “Lauku sēta”, bravely stepping into “Tērvete Bay”, said Gunārs Sārtaputns from Balvi. This was his last show on the shows, as Gunārs’ life suddenly crashed a week ago.

This show was filmed in the summer. But last week, before this series “Lauku sēta” reached the audience, Gunārs’ life unexpectedly changed. Called a gourmet and an old boy, Gunārs divorced after a long battle with the disease.

Usually in the headlines he ended up with something scandalous or unusual.

Gunārs Sārtaputnu was introduced to Latvia thanks to various television shows: “The landlord is looking for a wife”, “The love of the next stop”, etc. Also in the “Farmstead” filmed this summer.

In the 5th series of “Lauku sēta”, the owners had instructed the participants to create a recreation area. Quite unexpectedly, the star of the dating show Gunārs Sārtaputns from Balvi arrived on the farm as an assistant.

The participants rejoiced at Gunārs’ arrival and quickly found a veteran of the show together. Iluta encouraged Gunārs to change clothes and get to work, but the Balvenian person stated: “No one has ever commanded me in my life, I have always been just my boss. I am used to living freely, ”said Gunārs.

While Gunārs was visiting the show, the participants were surprised by a storm at night. The next morning, broken trees were tossed around the yard and the participants had to start storing the storm. “It is only a pity that we did not manage to say goodbye to Gunārs,” said the host of the show Jānis Rāzna. Such significant words

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