The last will of Prince Philip was classified

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The last will of Prince Philip have been classified

A royal will may remain sealed for decades.

A London court has postponed the publication of Prince Philip's will for 90 years to protect the dignity and reputation of his widow Queen Elizabeth II long tradition and allowed not to open the will of a member of the royal family. The custom assumes that a royal will can remain sealed for many decades, unlike an ordinary person's will.

& # 171; It is necessary to increase the degree of protection of the truly personal aspects of the lives of people from this small group in order to preserve the dignity of the monarch and close members of her family & # 187;, – he said.

All this time a sealed will will lie in the safe of the chairman of the family division of the High Court of London along with another 30 closed envelopes with the last wishes of the members of the royal family who have died in different years.

The earliest will dates back to 1910, it belongs to Franz of Teck (1870-1910), brother of Queen Mary of Teck, wife of King George V of Great Britain (1865-1936). & Nbsp;

The last wills found in this safe, belong to Her Majesty's younger sister Princess Margaret and Queen's mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. They died less than two months apart in 2002.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was an exception to this list. Her will was published. According to him, she left the property in trust so that her sons would get it upon reaching the age of 25.

Interestingly, even after 90 years, the last will of Prince Philip may remain unknown to the public. After this time, any will of a member of the royal family can be opened and examined by the personal lawyer of the monarch, the custodian of the Royal Archives, the attorney general of England and Wales, as well as any representative of the deceased.

They have the right to decide whether the will can be published. & nbsp;

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