The last trial in the case of Shira Isakov v Aviad Moshe: 24 or 27 years in prison?

The last trial in the case of Shira Isakov v. Aviad Moshe: 24 or 27 years in prison?

At today's court session, which took place in Be'er Sheva, Avid Moshe again spoke about insanity, but the judge stopped these attempts: & rdquo; Do not it is worth trying to reopen the trial. ''

The representative of the state prosecutor's office, lawyer Meital Olek Amuyal, asked the court to impose the maximum sentences for each of the two offenses for which Moshe was convicted: “ We asked the court to compare the allegations of attempted murder and the brutality in the sentence that will be passed. It was not easy for us to find such a serious case. Since we have not found a single case in which the accused would have been additionally convicted for the abuse of a minor, in such circumstances there is another victim of an offense. We ask the court to increase the punishment. ”

Although, Aviad Moshe & ldquo; apologized & rdquo; in front of his wife for the pain he inflicted, however, he continued to insist that Shira provoked him to this cruelty. The head of the panel of judges, Yael Raz Levy, reprimanded Aviad Moshe and advised him to focus on the arguments regarding the punishment, and not on the trial, which, in fact, had already taken place. The prosecution also noted that even under such circumstances, “ the accused continues to blame his victim in order to shift responsibility. ''

Lawyer Meital Olek Amuyal recreated the scene, explaining that Moshe was not stopped by the presence of the two-year-old child, and what all this horror the accused did with incredible cruelty in front of the baby. And it was and will remain an undeniable trauma for the child's consciousness. ” The last word must be said by the court.

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