The last romantic of the bygone country, Mikhail Bashakov, will bare his soul in Israel

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 Mikhail Bashakov, the last romantic of a bygone country, will bare his soul in Israel

His life was turned upside down by chance. And not just flipped – he taught to see and be convinced that a selfless, noble act necessarily causes change. After that, your life or the life of the person you helped is transformed… maybe both… Every time it's different, but you have to prepare for the changes – they definitely will!

If it weren't for “that incident”, we wouldn't know who “Alice” is. and why everyone “We just need a bright day” hellip;. If not for “that very case”, modern culture would not be so rich and multifaceted, because the list of its figures might not include the author of more than ten music albums and two poetry collections, “the last romantic of the bygone country”; under the name of the USSR, a man whose work is adored not only in modern Russia, but also in Europe, dancing to techno, in Canada, raving to rave, in the USA, where hip-hop and rap are listened to from the womb.

Although that country is no longer there for a long time, the work of this person continues to live and be in demand by the new generation. The explanation is simple: HIS songs “through the years, through the distances” still about the main, eternal, good – about what today is somewhere distorted, somewhere vulgarized, and simply not in trend. He sings about love. OH – is a St. Petersburg musician, poet, singer-songwriter, artist, leader and songwriter of the group «Bashakov BAND» Mikhail Bashakov, who will come to Israel in January 2023 with his new program “We just need a bright day.”

Ashkelon, Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Karmiel will hear the best and most beloved songs of the musician. OH – Mikhail Bashakov – and HIS guitar, baring their souls, at arm's length, will tell their guests about the sore; the musician will share the most intimate, explain in the language of music why today “We just need a bright day” hellip;.

The program “We just need a bright day” hellip; – this is part of the Black Screen poetry collection, which includes the texts of some of the iconic songs of Mikhail Bashakov, as well as poems that have never been songs, and have not even been published. By the way, an interesting fact: Bashakov illustrated the poetry collection himself. As they say, a talented person is talented in everything.

By the way, according to Bashakov himself, he has been writing poetry and music since the age of 15. Since the early 1980s, he has played in many bands. Then he himself was the founder of groups, among which “Trickster”. Over time, the team changed its name to “Spirits”, making its highlight the original decision to use the button accordion as the group's second solo instrument. It was something new and unusual for the music industry. By the way, Pavel Kashin played bayan and saxophone in this group; subsequently, Kashin performed some of Bashakov's songs and even recorded a whole album of songs based on his poems (“Hero”).
After the collapse of the group, Bashakov becomes one of the ideological inspirers and creators of the techno-guitar project “Parachutes Hi-Fi”. And again hitting the bull's-eye – the group had a tremendous success and not somewhere else, but in European clubs, and especially in Germany and Switzerland.

It would seem that everything is great – the flight of thought, the flowering of strength and creativity. As a result, the band's debut album “The End of the Film” produces a great resonance. a joint hit by Bashakov and the leader of the group Evgeny Feklistov – “Alice” to the music of Smokie, performed by them as a duet. The huge popularity of “Alice”, the incredible interest in “who this girl is and where she lives.”

But all this is good, but not it. Along with the tremendous success, the need to perform their own songs from the stage has grown. This “cocktail” prompted Mikhail to create a new group. Bashakov decides on the basis of the jazz group “Calypso Blues Band” create a group «Bashakov BAND» (later renamed “Bashakov”, at the moment again returned to the original name). So, in February 2000, a new line-up of musicians of the “Bashakov BAND” was formed, which, by the way, continues to exist, albeit with going on a “creative vacation” so to speak. and promptly records the album “The Sun Under the Wing” at the studio. And then everything went, went, it started…

 Mikhail Bashakov, the last romantic of a bygone country, will bare his soul in Israel

< br />Mikhail Bashakov has many studio records with famous musicians on his account. Two acoustic apartment houses by Bashakov are published on CD. In addition to “Alice”, the hits “Sambadi”, “Don't worry” are born, which broke into the air on the radio, sounded from cars and windows of apartments. And here it is worth emphasizing an important nuance: pop-rock studio arrangements, alas, sometimes create a not entirely objective idea of ​​​​Bashakov. All this must be seen and heard ONLY live. ONLY like this, for real, – at concerts or at apartment houses – you can feel the full force of Mikhail Bashakov's charisma, all his emotional drive.

The musician continues to create and is not going to stop in his work – he writes new albums and, by his own admission, is always surprised and happy that he gets new songs. “You don’t compose them, you don’t force them, you have them. You are loaded with it. This is much more valuable and important for me than being offended by any circumstances, & ndash; Mikhail Bashakov said in one of his interviews.

Some of the readers will notice: well, everything is clear with Bashakov's creativity and plans – you need to go to a concert, get high to the fullest, relax both in soul and body. Question to the author – the theme of «accidental» will be revealed? We will eventually find out what happened that turned the musician's life upside down?

Of course the topic will be revealed! We are telling, or rather retelling Mikhail himself: in the middle of the criminal 90s in St. Petersburg, he saved a girl named Svetlana from a maniac, and she, as a token of gratitude, invited Mikhail to the legendary Baltika radio station. And this day became a landmark for the musician – Since this arrival, everything has been spinning and spinning. Literally right away, Mikhail was offered a job as a copywriter on the radio, which was a real salvation – helped to get out of poverty. A completely new, fantastic world opened up for him – Mikhail met famous actors, musicians, directors. To the “Baltic” Grebenshchikov, Leonidov, Makarevich & hellip; Makarevich even played Bashakov's guitar on the air.

“It was an incredibly cool turn in my life. Perhaps someday I would have reached the Baltika myself, but I can’t even imagine how they would have accepted me without Sveta. I worked on the radio for exactly 20 years: I came up with advertising, hosted broadcasts…»,– Mikhail remembered.

– rescue girl Svetlana – Bashakov clearly knows: nothing goes unnoticed, a disinterested, noble act will surely cause changes.

In all ages and times, people like Mikhail Bashakov personified the era. In appearance, they are no different from us – ordinary people. But as soon as they open their mouths to perform the first notes of a song or the first lines of – one can immediately understand the depth of talent and the performer's desire to say what we all only think about.

During his life, Bashakov tried and, of course, succeeded in a wide variety of professions – from a loader to a cameraman. From the cameraman's past of Mikhail, there were several short films, the clip “Spirits” for the song "Intelligent", the script for Pavel Kashin's video "Sunflower", as well as the script and storyboards for his own video "Game". Repeated headliner of the Baikal-live art festival (Baikal, Irkutsk). In 2018, he took part in the recording of the anti-war collection AntiArmy. We don't need war!».

Mikhail has much to be proud of, although he is a modest man. His talent, his charisma, his ability to set the viewer on the same wavelength with him – this is no longer a matter of chance or acquired skills. This, absolutely without pathos, – God's gift!

Friends, be sure to come to the concerts of Mikhail Bashakov. Believe me, the absolutely original musical component of his work, combined with his light, ironic and at the same time meaningful philosophical poetry, plus Mikhail's truly amazing natural artistry, will cause you delight and admiration. Looking at this man, you begin to believe that he has “the sun under his wing.” How else to explain the fact that after Bashakov's concert people leave the hall with happy smiles and sing: “We just need a bright day” hellip;.

We are not exaggerating – everything is just like that! And you can be convinced of this personally if you visit the concert of musician Mikhail Bashakov, of whom there will be only five in Israel. Only five evenings in the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere, at arm's length only HE and HIS guitar in the new program “We just need a bright day” they will sing and tell about the secret.

Mikhail Bashakov's concert schedule:

ASHKELON, Meat Mi Club
January 24, 2023 (Tuesday)
JERUSALEM, Generation City Pub
January 25, 2023 (Wednesday)
HAIFA, Skola Club
January 26, 2023 (Thursday)
TEL AVIV, Music club «Mr.Rudi»
January 27, 2023 (Friday)
KARMIEL, Karin Restaurant Club
January 28, 2023 (Saturday)

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