The last moments of life the Professor took video: “tragedy”live

Последние минуты жизни профессора сняли на видео: "трагедия в прямом эфире"

The death of the Professor in a live broadcast seen by millions of viewers

Professor Rita Dzhitendry known in India, the writer and artist, was a frequent guest on television. It is, as a rule, was invited as an expert. The last one for her transfer was the Indian version of “Good morning”.

The writer talked about his life and career. However, suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, and then lost consciousness.

Последние минуты жизни профессора сняли на видео: "трагедия в прямом эфире"

The interview immediately ceased and 81-year-old Rita was urgently taken to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed her heart attack, but to help the woman.

As it turned out, before shooting TV Dzhitendry talked about death and about how she wanted to die. The Professor said that it would be good to get away from life as a former President Abdul Kalam, who died during a lecture at a local University.

“More proof of the fact that thoughts are material. Dream carefully!”, “Have to dream about a beautiful and eternal”, “What a horror…. So do not believe after this,” – commented on the tragedy in the network.

Последние минуты жизни профессора сняли на видео: "трагедия в прямом эфире"

Earlier it was reported that a passenger airliner hit the airflow shocked the pilot.

On February 19 the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner British airline Virgin Atlantic has carried out regular flights on the route. He accidentally reached a record, unprecedented for this type of aircraft. This is reported by foreign media.

The plane was flying from Los Angeles to London. At height of 11 kilometers it picked up airflow. Thanks to the powerful flow, the liner was developed over the Pennsylvania record speed in 1285 kilometers per hour. It’s faster than the speed of sound, which is 1234 kilometres per hour. Usually these planes overcome 902 kilometers per hour. Due to a sudden acceleration from nature itself, the ship arrived at the destination airport 48 minutes early.

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Attention! The video contains footage that is not recommended for people with unstable mentality.

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