The largest bank in Spain stops servicing Union Pay cards issued in Russia

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 Spain's largest bank stops servicing Union Pay cards issued in Russia < /p>

Spain's largest bank, Santander, has announced that it has stopped servicing cards from the Chinese payment system Union Pay, issued by Russian banks. The bank took this step “as part of Santander's general sanctions policy towards Russia”.

The bank's spokesman said that this decision was made quite recently. Its execution is already taking place in places across the country. ATMs of other banks in the country – Euronet, Kutxabank and ING – have already stopped issuing cash using Russian UnionPay cards. This applies both to cards of Russian banks that are under sanctions and those that are not.

Spain – is not the only country where they no longer accept cards of the system, which in Russia was considered as a replacement for Visa and MasterCard that left the country. Nosto ATMs no longer accept these cards – the only network in Finland that works with the Chinese system. The reason was indicated by the fact that the Russians began to withdraw a lot of cash using these cards.

Czech banks also stop servicing UnionPay cards from Russia. There are also failures when accepting UnionPay cards from Russia at JCC ATMs in Cyprus and at Bulgarian DSK Bank, which announced that it would stop servicing Russian cards from October 26.

And from October 3, due to the influx of evaders from the mobilization of Russians, UnionPay cards are not accepted at Finnish Nosto ATMs. Those who now accept such cards can stop doing so at any time. This, for example, was stated by a representative of the Swiss group Raiffeisen.

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