The killers were waiting in the hotel: the first details about the rescue of Israelis in Istanbul

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 Killers waited in hotel: first details about rescue of Israelis in Istanbul

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The first details about the operation to rescue the Israelis in Istanbul from the Iranian special services have appeared. Channel 13 reports. It is specified that some Israelis were taken out by security personnel last week. They received intelligence that the tourists were in imminent threat of attack. One woman who had gone to the market is said to have received a phone call from a senior Israeli official who told her not to return to the hotel because the killers were waiting for her and her husband there. The couple were taken to the airport by about 10 security officers. They had to leave their things at the hotel. In Israel they were interrogated. Other details about the Israeli couple have not been released. For what reason they became the target of Iran, the information is also not disclosed.

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