The killer decided to kill the victim unusual weapon: “like an elf”

Киллер решил расправиться с жертвой необычным оружием: «как эльф»

Resident of Australia wanted to kill a “fantastic” weapons, but to prevent the modern subject

The killer for murder chose the bow and arrow probably imagined himself as a noble elf, neatly striking the evil orcs.

A victim of the attacker is a 43-year-old Australian. The killer fired the arrow that hit directly into the mobile phone of the man. Judging by the published photos, the gadget died a heroic death, defending his master. But the victim unharmed. The man didn’t even needed medical assistance.

Киллер решил расправиться с жертвой необычным оружием: «как эльф»

We can say that the lucky loser is Robin hood. Australian police have considered, once the murder has failed, and the arrest of the killer is not necessary. The Hitman handed his bow and sent home. The attacker didn’t even charged with attempted murder, which caused great indignation and a wave of criticism among citizens.

What was the reason for the attack on people with such extravagant weapons, not reported.

As we wrote earlier, a former beauty Queen hired a Hitman to kill her husband-millionaire.

Complicated case about the brutal murder reached the court as long as 13 years. Its main figurant is the former beauty Queen Aurea Vasquez-Rios — accused in the murder of her husband who wanted to divorce her.

In 2005, Vasquez-Rios married canadian millionaire Adam Anhang. Just six months later, their marriage began to disintegrate: the husband demanded that Rios converted to Judaism, and she accused him of cheating.

The pair went to couples therapy, where one of the sessions Anhang offered his wife to divorce and then get married a second time after she takes Judaism, and to conclude a new marriage contract.

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That evening, the woman invited my husband to a romantic dinner at one of the restaurants in the Puerto Rican city of San Juan. At the exit of the restaurant on Anhanga attacked by an unknown man. He beat up a millionaire, and then stabbed him. From the received wounds Anhang died.

Киллер решил расправиться с жертвой необычным оружием: «как эльф»

Police detained the killer, who was a well known local bandit nicknamed El Loco (“crazy”). The offender admitted that he was hired Vasquez-Rios, who promised to pay him $ 3 million for the murder of her husband.

Shortly thereafter, Vasquez-Rios was charged with organization of mercenary murder, but she ran away from Puerto Rico and for many years was hiding abroad. But after a while it all-taki have detained, and soon she will appear before the court.

Recall that the Ukrainian killer confessed to monstrous mistake: “Seemed”.

As reported Politeka, Galkin, Kirkorov ordered the killer: Thriller broke the silence, “for the sake of Pugacheva”.

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian “killer”, openly donated his services, escaped a fine.

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