The kidnapping of a businessman in Kyiv region: new details

Похищение предпринимателя на Киевщине: новые подробности

Malefactors managed to be detained.

Near Kiev there was a resonant incident: detained a group of armed pseudopolitical who kidnapped the capital of the entrepreneur for money. This is not the first case lately when the criminals are operating, giving of himself to the guards, reports the with reference for Today.

The evening of may 24 the accidental witness reported 102 that the road near the village of Revne, Boryspil district were kidnapped by unknown man.

“Attackers on the Volkswagen T5 with flashing red and blue lights stopped a Land Rover. Threatening with the weapon, pulled the driver out of the cabin, put on his head a black mask, put in his car and disappeared. One of the attackers left the victim”, — told in GU NP in Kiev region.

Volkswagen is soon found on a street Machine in Solomenskiy district of Kiev. Four suspects with shooting and with the use of gas cartridges were arrested, and 53-year-old hostage was freed.

“It is three residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region and the Crimea. They found weapons, fake documents, police and uniforms”, — say the police.

On the facts of kidnapping, extortion, theft, robbery and the illegal possession of arms criminal proceedings have commenced. Detainees check on participation in similar crimes, another is looking for.

The Prosecutor of the Kiev region recently reminded of another similar group announced on suspicion of five suspects who under the guise of SBU were attacked on the roads for luxury cars and robbed passengers. During the searches they also found clothing, chevrons, fake identity, law enforcement agencies, radios, balaclavas and ammunition. Detainees could face up to 15 years in prison.

And last year in Kiev, arrested a gang of two men and a woman who robbed foreigners. The woman was acquainted with the guests, inviting them into a rented apartment. But during a rendezvous there broke her accomplices in the form of the police, threatened foreigners with fake guns, prison, and took away their money, Bank cards and valuables.

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