The journalist was threatened for writing about corruption in the football Federation of Ukraine: the details of the scandal

Журналисту пригрозили расправой за статьи о коррупции в ФФУ: подробности скандала

The President of the Football Federation of Ukraine once again caught in a scandal with the Swiss journalist

In late January, the Swiss newspaper L Illustre Arno Beda admitted that he filed a lawsuit because of threats from Andrew Pavelka.

The Swiss subsidiary of the organization “reporters without borders” urged the Swiss authorities to provide full protection Beda.

Журналисту пригрозили расправой за статьи о коррупции в ФФУ: подробности скандала

The article is devoted to the Arno loan of 4 million euros, which Pavelko received from UEFA on behalf of the FFU.

“Last November, Beda received a phone call from the Ukrainian rooms, during which an unidentified person threatened his life and said that in Switzerland it is not safe,” — said in a statement.

Fishing according to Beda, the phone number belonged to Pavelko, who was recently elected to the UEFA Executive Committee.

The trouble is admitted that such threats “is much harder to cope than you can think.”

This is not the first scandal involving the President of the FFU. At the beginning of year it became known that NAB has opened a criminal case on Pavelka.

12 Nov BIHUS info released an investigation showing that Andriy Pavelko and its civil wife Ekaterina Chaus living beyond their incomes, spending over the last three years, at least 21 million.

In mid-October, the program “Schemes” has released an investigation where journalists suspected of FFU and its President Andrew Pavelka of corruption through the plant for the production of artificial fields. Equipment for the plant, bought the firm from the United Arab Emirates D. S. T. FZE at one price and then selling it to the FFU at a price 20% higher.

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Журналисту пригрозили расправой за статьи о коррупции в ФФУ: подробности скандала

Also Pavelko was suspected of frauds with budgetary funds amounting to UAH 33 million.

We will remind, the football Federation of Ukraine is suspected of money laundering. The football Federation of Ukraine initiated the involvement of a mediator, who settled 20% overpayment on contracts on November 14, 2018 in London, was published an English-language film “Muddy Waters” (“Muddy water”), shot by Briton Oliver Reganam. Movie actively promoted in social networks for the Ukrainian audience.

“The main idea of the film is to prove that the responsibility for the controversial 20-percent overestimate of the prices for the equipments of the factory of the Ukrainian football Federation bears the German company “Politan”. According to the representatives of the FFU, “Politan” is required to include the mediator in the contracts”, — assured the journalists “Our money”.

According to them, this was in the movie says the President of the FFU — the people’s Deputy from BPP and head of the budget Committee of Parliament Andriy Pavelko.$ 8 million

“I’m investigating, we received confirmation that it was a written request from the company “Politan” as for the implementation of the agreement has been selected this company, which is located in the Emirates” — said the MP. However, the film is not a document containing “a written request”.

“Polytan” reporters replied that the company never asked broker a deal with the plant of the FFU.

“Politan” never attracted any third partners. It is the exclusive right and the choice of the Ukrainian side,” — said in a German company.

The reporters provide the facts which do not speak in favor of Ukraine. For example, Andriy Pavelko, nor any of FFU have not shown a written request Polytan involve an intermediary.

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In addition, it surfaced that in Arabic “spacer” supplied not only equipment that you copied from the factory Polytan, and the American installation of “Eco green” that has nothing to Politkovskoj technology. This machine is nearly half of all hardware costs — more than $ 3 million.

While checking information on actual volumes of equipment have passed through the company to lay the S. D. T. ZTE, reporters found that the scheme provided a one-off and regular income. Materials for artificial turf LigaGrass Pro Politan is also supplied through an intermediary with the UAE. The company received a five-year authorization of the Ministry of environment to supply Politkovsky threads for the factory of the FFU.

The budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, headed by the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko, contributed to the increase in budget funding for new football pitches with artificial turf. If in 2017 they had allocated from the state budget of UAH 270 million, in 2018, the state budget increased funding for the program in one hundred million to 370 million.

We will remind, Ukrainians were furious because of the scandal with Pavelko.

As reported Politeka, Pavelko, may dismiss a petition to the President had collected the signatures.

Politeka also wrote that the club in the Premier League signed a controversial player: he refused to support the Ukrainian army.

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