The Italian, who was traveling to Rome on the Navigator, was in Germany

Итальянец, ехавший в Рим по навигатору, оказался в Германии

The man was taken to hospital

The Italian, who went on a trip to Rome because of an error in the Navigator appeared in the German town of the same name, reports the with reference on the European truth.

81-year-old man traveled from his home in Newcastle to the Vatican, but the result was more than 1000 km from the point of destination in West German village of Rum.

It happened due to the fact that he entered the wrong destination in your GPS device, Rom is Rome.

Police said that this man was a pilgrim who wanted to meet with the Pope. However, on Friday he arrived in a small German town, about 80 kilometers East of Cologne.

It seems that the Italian was so puzzled by his mistake, got out of his Jaguar, not securing the handbrake. The car rolled back, hit driver and hit a road sign.

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The man got to the hospital, and the car was towed, putting the set beyond repair at 4000 euros.

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