The ISS has prepared a surprise to the first man went into space. Video

На МКС приготовили сюрприз первому человеку, вышедшему в открытый космос. Видео

Astronaut congratulated the day of birth.

Cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Alex Ovchinin Wednesday, may 29, outside the International space station (ISS) portrait of Alexei Leonov who was the first in the history of the spacewalk. This was reported in the broadcast, NASA, writes the with reference to Realist.

The astronauts fixed the portrait at the exit of the docking module “Pirs”. Then, taking the portrait in his hands, they recorded a video greeting.

“Dear Alexey Arkhipovich, we congratulate you! Now you are with us in space and on the duration of the output you will be with us. We wish you good health, prosperity… happy birthday!” — told the astronauts.

Note, may 30, Leonov will celebrate her 85th birthday. On March 18, 1965 he became the first ever person to go into outer space.

The ISS began operation in outer space. Video

His father Arkhip Leonov was arrested in 1937. Family kicked out of the house, and the man was almost gunned down on stage. In 1939, Arkhip Leonov rehabilitated.

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