The invaders struck from ATRA through the village in the Donetsk region

Оккупанты ударили из ПТРК по селу на Донетчине

The owner of the damaged garage were injured.

The Russian militants occupying forces once again shelled residential areas of the village Merry Volnovakha district of Donetsk region. Released anti-tank missile system the missile exploded in the yard of a local resident, the man was wounded, the press centre of the headquarters operations of joint forces.

On 31 may, the Special observers monitoring mission of the OSCE has documented the effects of fire partially destroyed the roof of the garage in the yard of a local resident in the alley Free, 49. In the concrete floor of the garage in the explosion crater with a diameter of 15 cm, on the facade of the observers saw the burn marks and a scratch width of 15 cm and a depth of 1 cm According to the OSCE observers, the injuries were the consequence of falling missiles ATGM 9М113 “Competition”.

An old man – the owner of the damaged garage were injured. During a conversation with observers, he had a bandaged left hand, left leg and back. According to the victim, he was injured during the explosion in the yard of his home the evening of may 30.

“After analyzing the profile of the terrain between the positions of Ukraine’s Armed forces and damaged outbuildings, namely the height of the terrain, with respect to the direction a direct shot, you can make the only correct conclusion of involvement in the crime of the armed forces of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the headquarters of the environmental protection.

Under the Dnieper drowned policeman

“The Ukrainian side of the JCCC condemns cynical actions of the Russian occupation troops, who will not abandon aggressive intentions by armed force to provoke a conflict, which threatens the lives and health of civilians, while blaming the Armed forces of Ukraine”, — said in the headquarters.

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