The intake of this vitamin reduces the risk of obesity

Прием этого витамина снижает риск ожирения

What is the use of vitamin D.

A geneticist from University College London Steve Jones, encourages people to be mandatory to take vitamin D if it is a lack of exposure to the sun, as reported by the online newsyou. Scientists says that taking vitamin D makes it possible to minimize the development of many diseases, writes the with reference to Hyser.

It is noted that today people spend less time than ten years ago. These changes in society associated with hobby digital technology. Therefore, more common was the disease of rickets bones. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to obesity, bad mood and drops in blood pressure.

“The reception of important substances can help to deal with infectious diseases, especially if the person is a scarcity it in the body. Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of kidney disease. If you lie on the beach in a bikini, or without it within an hour, the pressure will fall by about 10 points, because this will relax your blood vessels,” said researcher Steve Jones.

Oncologists named the product for the prevention of breast cancer

However, according to the scientist, being in the sun can cause skin cancer and other diseases.

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