The influence of gardening on mental health

Выявлено влияние садоводства на психическое здоровье человека

Work in the garden or yard can save you from depression.

Constant contact with vegetation if gardening and horticulture, coupled with physical activity, improve mental health, according to the with reference to Toneto.

That gardening improves state of mind and help to cope with depressive and anxiety disorders, verified by scientists from University of California. On the official website of the institution published an article with a report about their observations.

It is noted that the impact of the work in the garden and in the garden began, researchers have begun to explore in 2014. They conducted an experiment involving 25 psychiatric patients who had serious depressive and anxiety disorders. Volunteers were asked to participate in a choice of colours and further planting them in the beds. Once a week patients together with physicians out in the garden and worked there dug and raked the ground, planted, watered, and gathered grass and flowers.

As a result, scientists stated that the work in the garden and in the garden acts as an effective psychotherapy. According to them, the participants of the experiment seriously ill people, who usually feel isolated and alienated. But doing gardening and farming, they were transformed. Experts spoke about the “huge impact” of these lessons on mental health.

“The vast majority involved in the gardening people reported improved motivation, rethinking what is happening in a positive way, enjoyment of nature,” — said the authors of the project of the observed effect.

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Commenting on the data obtained, Professor Tim lang said that they have become another confirmation of the fact that continuous contact with plants and animals contribute to the physical and mental condition of the person.

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