The infection rate began to rise

The infection rate has started to grow

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The infection rate has started to rise
In Israel, the infection rate has slowly gone up again and rose to 1, 07. Yesterday, the total number of infected people was 786.

about 106,500 tests were performed, the percentage of positive results was 0.75%. This is the second day in a row that the number of positives has exceeded 700.

Health ministry data show that 56% of those tested yesterday were under 11 years old, and another 7% are in the 12-15 age group. .

On the other hand, 4% of those tested are people aged 60 and over who are at risk. 54% of those tested are from the secular sector, 24% are ultra-Orthodox and 21% are Arabs.

142 patients with coronavirus are in hospitals across the country, 102 of them are in critical condition. This is a further decline in the number of serious patients, and the number is the lowest since the end of July. 59 seriously ill patients are connected to ventilators.

There are six red settlements in Israel today. These are Majdal Shams, Bukata and Ein Kenya – all three Druze settlements in the north in the Golan Heights region, as well as Fureidis, Bnei Decalim and Beit Rimon.

In addition, the Beit Wagan and Homat Shmuel in Jerusalem is also identified as reds.

There are 1,331 active patients in Jerusalem, 157 in Beit Shemesh, 138 in Petah Tikva, 137 in Beer Sheva, 115 in Kuseif, Tel Aviv-Jaffa – 114, in Rehovot – 108, in Majdal Shams – 106, in Ramat Hasharon – 99, in Haifa – 96, in Bnei Brak – 88, in Rahat – 86, Rosh HaAin – 84, Lod – 77, Fureidis – 66, Tel Sheva – 63, Bat Yam – 63, Beitar Ilit – 62, Ramat Gan – 55, Rishon LeZion – 55 and Hura in the Negev – 53, in Tiberias – 48.

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